Walking in the footsteps of Edith Piaf, Rhiannon (of WeBe3) and Meredith Monk, Charlotte Roberts is a chanteuse; vulnerable and wild, taking you on a musical adventure from the ridiculous to the sublime… and has been described as what would happen if the Mad Hatter and Alice had a kid.

Charlotte performs mainly with her voice– using loop pedals, guitar, guitalele, keys and djembe….her music come story telling covering stories from home birth and chicken singing inspiration to cross dressing Puerto Rican Reggaeton shinannigans, taboo lists and folk influenced songs about home and the body. Charlotte has also been known to improvise songs (which she sometimes calls Love-o-grams or Rap-o-grams) for audience members as a gift back to them around a theme or moment in their life they have shared and to facilitate spontaneous sound and song weavings with audiences, taking them on a journey from their emotional depths to fits of laughter.

An ever evolving creatrix, chanteuse and explorer of improvisation, somatic practices, music, performance, play and body-voice-story connections, Charlotte is currently touring her original music in her show Sounds From PlanetSOL (which is in a cabaret format), finishing a (Pozible Crowdfunded) debut EP (due to be released around May/June 2016) and leading community workshops The Musical Body.


Steve Smart – Arts Review

The Modern Con- Review by Farah Beaini

Artshub 3.5 star review “fun, entertaining and clever” “there was a real feeling of release, of letting go of an unnoticed everyday constraint” “it gets you out of your seat, singing strange sounds and smiling” “Roberts has the energy and commitment to activate her audience and get them all to loosen up. From her first song/scene, we were out of seats and making sounds, gyrating in front of our seats but she didn’t overdo it. She brought the audience in often enough to feel included but not so much for it to become tiresome”



Improvisational musician in Music-Story-Movement Quartet (Hilde Knottenbelt, Vicky Kapo and Suze Smith) 2014-present

Duet Vocal improvisation collaboration for dancers with Hilde Knottenbelt 2013-present

Improvisational musician in “Murmurings from the heart” duet with dancer Cathy Williams 2014-present

Autumn season at La Mama Theatre Sounds From PlanetSOL 2015

Summer season at The Butterfly Club Sounds From PlanetSOL 2016

Adelaide Fringe Live from Tandanya Cafe and Bliss Organic Cafe season 2016

In 2015 Charlotte was commissioned to write two Love-o-gram song-stories-

One for Jess’s friends getting married (Souls are made of) and Dan B’s girlfriend (Shoes)

The Village Festival Castlemaine and Edinburgh Gardens performing Sounds From PlanetSOL 2015

Mother Tongue Women Speak Featured three times 2011-present

Featured performer at Scratch Wharehouse’s monthly Spread 2015

Supported Hello Satellites- Eva Popov at Open Studio 2015

La Mama Explorations of ‘The Musical Body’ 2014

Club Voltaire Variety night feature 2013

Melbourne Fringe Festival “Dr. lalalulu…..is coming out” 2013

Slamalamadingdong Featured 2015

Improvisational djembe-player and percussionist for Slamalamadingdong twice 2012-present

Featured at The Arts Centre with Michelle Dabrowski and Jacky T 2013

Host of Free-Your-Voice Free-singing circles in Federation Square 2014

Conductor of The Lalalulu Ensemble improvisational collective at The Boite Singer’s Festival 2015

Open Studio month long residency 2015

Performance at BAR303 2015

Artist in Residence at Adelaide’s World Youth Internationals’s annual Personal Empowerment Program 2009-present

Artist in residence at Newham Primary school 2015

Facilitator of African Drumming for children at The Woodend Children’s Festival 2014



Charlotte has led groups overseas (Costa Rica YCA, Peru WYI, New Zealand Global Youth and Chile PUC University) and around Australia, in the outdoors and in residential programs, privately, one on one, as a sole trader, in schools, TAFE and University settings.

Facilitator for the Bachelor of Outdoor education program at Peninsula Monash University 2009

Facilitator of Youth Camps for YMCA 2006-2008

Facilitator at Discovery for Teens program 2003-2009

Facilitator at WYI PEP program 2009-present

Facilitator and creator of The Musical Body program and Foundations of Play (weekly classes and 6 week long foundation courses in Melbourne 2012-present)

Facilitator of Creative Laboratories workshops for women 2010-2012

Facilitator of dance and music for elderly suffering dementia 2010-2012

Facilitator of The Embodying Voice program 2013-2016

Facilitator of African Drumming and dance in schools 2014-2016

Conductor of The Newham Singers 2013-2014

Kindergarten Music Teacher at Bialik College 2013

CRT Music, drama and dance teacher 2010-present

Private loop pedal, creative voice, spontaneous song writing teacher 2014-present

Qigong (with SOL) beginners classes facilitator 2015-present


Vocal River Exercises with Rhiannon (of ATWI) 2013-present

Circle Singing 2009-present

Body Mind Centering 2011-present (fluids, bones, organs, nervous system, endocrine system and muscular system)

Tamalpa Life/Art Process 2009-present

Embodied Leadership Program, California (Soto, Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin) 2009-2010

All the Way in studies with Rhiannon 2013

Estille Levels 1 and 2

Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy 2010

Waterdance and Aquatic Body-work 2012-present

Orff Level One Music and Movement Teaching 2012

Certificate 4 in Music (Voice) NMIT 2013

Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Recreation (Specialising in outdoor education, experiential education and facilitation techniques).



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