About – Artist – Charlotte Roberts

An ever evolving creatrix, voice weaver, musician and explorer of the spirit of play and cultivating vitality through improvised singing; this full-circle artist has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.  Charlotte’s dwelling in voice and song began, vulnerable and wild, around 1991 when she began following the mysterious threads of singing on her family farm, weaving moments through songs and gifting them to the world. Charlotte is currently completing a full-length album with Joe Hammond of Pots and Pans Recording Studio, sharing emergent vocal improvisations on her loop pedal weekly on her Facebook page, a collaborator in FourNow, and sharing in and curating Live-Art such as Incantations and Songs in Time; in service of the music, life and community.

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Once in a while, you come across a performer who spins and weaves their own magical rug, transporting you through an emotion-dipped journey of storytelling that leaves you feeling raw yet awakened to your innate creativity and the world of possibilities around you.

Farah Beaini

Poet, Performer

Charlotte’s Work

Based in Melbourne; Charlotte creates music, commissioned songs, live-art vocal exhibitions and concerts, emergent collaborative improvised singing prayerformances,  looped vocal- creations, collaborates with other musicians, artists and dancers, practices Aquatic dance meditations, Creative Qigong, and is a facilitator of The Musical Body (Life through improvised singing), Creative Midwifery (for creative visionaries and artists), Singing Circles Melbourne and Private sessions in The Musical Body work (From loop pedal lessons, spontaneous songwriting to exploring the creative and expressive potential and relationships of voice, breath, body, instruments and imagination).

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