About – Charlotte

A multi-disciplinary artist, improvisational vocalist, musician, creator/facilitator of The Musical Body and composer; this full-circle artist has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.

 In the field of genetics it is generally believed that genes exist for the species to continue reproducing. But some believe the inverse is true: that the gene is boss and we are merely the vessel for it.
Charlotte Roberts’ voice is not just a part of her. The voice is her. From waking to sleeping, the voice is the entity while the body and mind provide nourishment and opportunities to sing.
Voice as healer. Voice as explorer. Voice as portal. Voice as purge. Voice just for the sake of it.
From the stillness of childhood on a farm – accompanied only by the hum of fencing wire and gentle hiss of breeze through Eucalypts – a small voice was given space to emerge. Then, curious fingers on a Kmart keyboard, with two tape decks (one set to record while the other plays back the previous layer). From there, the beginnings of The Musical Body, a helicopter shot of white dots on the Great Wall of China. Later, bongo jams, school theatre, choirs, loop pedals, poetry, singing circles, healing chants, multi-modal improvisational collaborations, composition, improvisation groups, Fringe Festival solo shows, La Mama Theatre performances.
Now: Charlotte’s debut album ‘Stay in Your Power’ (due May 2018) is an exploration of stacked harmony, drone, loops, beatbox, tribal rhythm, hip hop, spoken word and rock explosion, all while looking inward as much as outward. Haunting and delicate. Aggressive and empowered.

Once in a while, you come across a performer who spins and weaves their own magical rug, transporting you through an emotion-dipped journey of storytelling that leaves you feeling raw yet awakened to your innate creativity and the world of possibilities around you. Farah Beaini

Poet, Performer

I went to Charlotte Roberts Vocal Digs last night at La Mama and am still relishing the experience. An hour of raw, explosive presence. Charlotte’s vocal palette went from shocking to delightful, pitch perfect to edgy atonal.  Shadows of Tim Minchin on piano and Laurie Anderson’s spilling quirks of language….The scattered instruments including harp, guitar, ukulele and crystal singing bowl became objects that at once animated and met Charlotte’s inquisitive resolve to become one with them and sink onto their dialogue. Ingrid Baring

Writer, dancer and improvisational performer

Charlotte’s Work

Charlotte’s eclectic work spans group facilitation, live vocal-art exhibitions and concerts, commissioned song-rituals, emergent collaborative improvised singing performances along with multi-modal collaborations (with dance, story telling, movement, and music artists since 2008). Her upcoming album ‘Stay in your Power’ features art/experimental-pop compositions that are psychedelic explorative mantras navigating the marriage of voice, sound, spoken word, body and experience. A qualified experiential music educator, improvisational voice teacher and body based expressive arts therapy practitioner; Charlotte has been leading groups since around 2001, and currently facilitates The Musical Body (cultivating vitality through improvised singing/exploring the spaces between life and music), Creative Midwifery (for creative and aspiring artists), and Private sessions in The Musical Body.

 Charlotte has graced stages at Melbourne Fringe and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, Seven Sister’s Festival, The Butterfly Club and Village Festival in Australia, as well as improvisational performances in both Denmark and Chile. Her raw-bespoke-idiosyncratic theatre-style performance ‘Vocal Digs’ has been the staple of her ongoing ‘Dwelling in Voice Residency’ soon to be featured (for the second time) at Melbourne’s La Mama Theatre in 2018/19.


I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to The Wurundjeri People, The Boonerwrung People, The Wathaurong People, The Taungerong People and The Jaara People who are the Traditional Custodians of this Land where I base myself. I would like to give thanks to my dear collaborators, family, community, elders and mentors who have touched my heart. With respect, love and gratitude for you and your impact on my life; Grandad, Granmar, Nan, Mum, Dad, Mel and Naynay, mis sobrinitos (Rowan, Ayla, Jacqueline, Anthony and Wessy) G Hoffman Soto, Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin, Alice Cummins, Rhiannon, Hilde Knottenbelt, Danielle Cresp, Rosie Fayman, Ingrid Baring, Cathy Williams, Eva Popov, Kt-sita, Masta, Pramad, Luke Wright, Marg Wyatt, Joe Hammond, Nina Fromhold, William Thompson, Caitlin Dullard & La Mama Theatre, John Howard, WYI PEP program crew, Kevin Jeyenes, my Tico, Peruvian and Chileno familia, ATWI 2013 and 2017 tribe, Trist and The Musical Body community, students, and the many other precious souls in my life I haven’t directly named- Thank you.