Testimonials coming out of sessions in a large warm spa in Brunswick East and the Hydro pool at Albert Park’s Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

“Thank you Charlotte for a stunning session. If grounded is deep relaxation and connection to earth, I feel watered, haha. I instantly felt at ease in Charlotte’s presence, her open heart and reflective listening made me feel really safe. I felt very held during the session and loved the contrast of positions and speed of movement. The transitions between expansive and contracted positions was really powerful because it really gave me a sense of the different qualities of water and my relationship to it.
I LOVED the firm touch, massage and the more vigorous movements of the spine. At one point I felt like my entire body was my spinal cord floating. Beautiful session, I look forward to more!”
Serra, Artist and Dancing Freedom Facilitator.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being in the water, feeling weightless but supported by another at the same time. I felt the effort Charlotte put in to my feeling of bliss, stretching and moving my muscles for me, and it felt amazing to have someone do that for me!
I feel like I just want more of it all! I felt nurtured, held, home and loved. It was wonderful! There was integration, and points where I experienced complete stillness, losing all sensation completely, or more that the sensation was completely still, it felt nice, the warmth of the water adds to that too! Thank you!”
Cindy, Coach and Facilitator

“I felt so held and nurtured by Charlotte, her intuition flowing with my body so naturally in ebbs and flows. I was brought back to that feeling of unconditional love, as though a baby cradled in a mother’s womb. I noticed my body surrendering to the water, gradually releasing tension and bringing conscious awareness to those parts of myself I have neglected. I really loved setting intentions prior to the session and felt that they were integrated throughout and processed upon closing the session with Charlotte’s guidance.”
Liana, Musician and Occupational Therapist

“I suffer from anxiety and struggle with new things. However, Charlotte has warm and inviting energy and I felt very comfortable. It was the most relaxing feeling being completely suspended and gently feeling the movement. My spine felt incredibly relaxed. Charlotte’s movements were completely in line with my breathing. Usually breathing is an action performed solo, so it was pretty incredible to share that. This is something I would recommend to anyone.

“I felt completely held and trusted her every move. The mix of time floating, moving, stretching and being massaged was a lovely balance. Apart from feeling physically amazing, the loveliest part was the experience of feeling what life must be like for my little baba. I felt for a moment as if I was in the womb, warm, floating, gently moving, totally relaxed and hearing only muffled sounds- so profound to feel that closeness with the experience of my little one and so, so special. I can’t wait to dance in the water with Charlotte again”
Ali, Facilitator, Yoga Practitioner and Mother to be

“Thank you for your loving tender care; your professionalism and your presence. It was a beautiful session that helped me connect deeply to what is real and true within me, allowing what I needed right now today. Thank you”
Cathy, Facilitator, Dance-artist and Expressive Arts Therapist