Celebration for Bones



Enriched by the engagement in the spaces between us, me, you, playmates, friends, family, community.
I am walking the path, taking my head out of the map to happiness, and my eyes into those spaces, into the hearts of people, into the heart of my own spirit, giving attention to tending to its precious offering, all else in this body is here to serve, the ongoing nurturing, unfolding and sharing of, PlanetSOL.

Wow! Celebrations launching Bones:
First time ever, making a video clip, first time ever, on itunes!
Feeling proud!

Watch the video clip here:


Buy the track here:

This gorgeous excerpt from Mark Nepo’s book ‘The exquisite risk’ was read as we improvised dance to open the evening (see the photo where Tony Norquay is centre dancing in his MC suit)….there were celtic songs I shared; connecting to my ancestry, and delicious collaborations including a quartet of Hilde Knottenbelt, Ingrid Baring, Rosie Fayman and myself, and Cathy Williams and I.
I will share a little video of it later in the year!

“We have always voiced and drummed our pain and joy. In truth, the need to express who we are is archetypal, that is, both necessary and timeless. And expressing who we are is less about describing ourselves than it is about letting who we are out in a regular rhythm that is as imperative as breathing. It is this exchange or flow of who we are-in and out-that keeps us connected to all that is living. Just as we must inhale and exhale hundreds of times a day, we must feel and express constantly” When out of balance, we suffer”…. “it is about not hiding our basic nature” …..”Essentially, the life of expression is the ongoing journey of how we heal each other. And so, the importance of storytelling, for by telling our stories and listening to the stories of others, we let out who we are and find ourselves in each other, and find that we are more together than alone”

How do you move to feel your bones?
What emerges in your imagination as you consider bones?
Touch your wrist’s bones, feel them, as Tony encouraged us to at the launch on Friday, what might emerge if we connected with a sense of our bones today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts,

And look forward to sharing more videos and songs in the upcoming year as my album is birthed, my first baby album!


Wishing you love and warmth,
Charlotte xo

Incantations coming to Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016…..
Exploring emergent vocal improvisations.

Investigations into moments of experience.
Connecting, Alignment and meaning making through, body, voice and imagination.

Upcoming Gigs

Incantations- Melbourne Fringe Festival 20 September
Mother Tongue- Castlemaine 26th August

For the rest of this year I will be focusing on filming video clips, recording the last tracks for the album (due out next year hopefully!), teaching The Musical Body, filming online courses, giving Aquatic Bodywork sessions, Creative midwifing…..and living in Mt. Macedon: where my mum is currently building me a studio-sanctuary out of an already existing shed- from recycled materials…..watch this space!!

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