Creative Laboratory and Creative Qigong

Supporting healing, joy & growth through the practice of internal energetic arts; integrated with somatic movement, communication, writing, art and sound.

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Creative Laboratory and Creative Qigong are classes to explore and develop a more joyful life through the practice of Inner Engergetic Arts (Qigong), movement based expressive arts therapy and somatic movement investigations in relationship to your unqiue creative process.

It is a place where we cultivate more joy in our lives, as, through this practice, we grow in wellbeing, vitality, connection in relationships, with ourselves, nature and the universe, and a richer heart-journey. This process supports you living in awareness, and through ‘showing up’ to this practice, becomes a rich support for transformation, healing and growth in your life.

There is an emphasis on taking the techniques and incorporating them into everday life, so that you increase energy and blood flow; strengthening your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The class suits every day people who would like to integrate creative techniques to increase inner joy, vitality, peace, deeper relationships, clarity of life purpose, flexibility of body and mind, and heart centeredness into their daily life.

Creative Qigong and Creative Laboratory involves a focus on deep yielding somatic practices, gentle and invigorating movement, breathing and meditation, along with a sprinkling of verbal sharings, writing, drawing, sound and voice exploration.

The Lineage of Creative Qigong and Creative Laboratory is through Anna Halprin’s Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Soto, Body Mind Cantering and Dance Movement Therapy and the Qigong follows multiple lines of masters in Tibet, China and USA with whom Daisy Lee has studied with, along with Marg Wyatt, who studied with Yang Li, who received her training from Shaolin Monk Master Haiden (or Hai tank). Charlotte pays her respects to these lineages, acknowledging that this is a Chinese practice that extends back more than 4,000 years, with multiple, rich branches; and always with more to learn and share together as a community for aligning body, breath and movement, along with bringing healing to our lives.

About the Facilitator:
Charlotte Roberts is the founder of The Musical Body; a program exploring life through improvised vocal music, creative explorations and collaborative story songs. She has been a facilitator for since 2001 in leadership, personal development, educational and creative programs for children, youth and adults.
For the past six years, Charlotte has been a practitioner of Qigong, facilitating Qigong at the World Youth International Personal Empowerment Program, and with the University of the Third Age in Melbourne. Over her 16 year career in Education and facilitatioin, she has developed a specialisation in somatic movement (having studied extensively with Soto, Alice Cummins (Body Mind Centering) and Qigong), vocal improvisation (Founder and facilitator of The Musical Body and Embodying Voice Courses, and graduate of Rhiannon’s All The Way in Vocal River Vocal Improvisation Course, USA), movement based expressive arts therapies and education (Charlotte is a qualified Tamalpa Life/Art Process Practitioner through Anna Halprin’s training in CA, USA and Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy with IDTIA) and Aquatic Body-work (Studies with Shantam, Masta (Byron Bay) and Davida Taurek). Charlotte also has studies in Certificate of Music, Water Dance 1, Estelle voice method and Vocal River Techniques, amongst others.

Charlotte’s Qigong studies began whilst living in Mildura in 2009; whilst studying Dance/Movement Therapy (IDTIA) and teaching a somatic movement based Physical Education program at the local Specialist School. She immeditately fell in love with the accessibility of Qigong, and the immediate benefits to health, life and relationships. Over the following years, she became more dedicated during studies with Daisy Lee (Radient Lotus Women’s Qigong 2014) and with Marg Wyatt (OpenSky Qigong 2014-present). She currently runs The Musical Body class in Clifton Hill on Wednesday evenings, Aquatic Bodywork for private clients and couples who want to learn to give eachother sessions at MSAC, (Albert Park), on week night evenings and some weekend evenings.

If you would like to register for any classes or get in touch, please contact Charlotte via her website or

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