• Date: 7-9pm on 28th September, 26th October and 23rd November
  • Venue: 100 Hodgiksons street Clifton Hill Community Church of St Mark
  • Location

Free Community Circle Singing

Community Singing Circle/ Circle Singing (Free Event)

28th September

26th October

23rd November

(3 Weds nights at Community Church of St Mark Clifton Hill)

Hosted by Charlotte Roberts and The Musical Body Community.

Come and join us for this free event- a big-shared singing circle where we cultivate play, wellbeing, responsiveness, spontaneity, vitality, co-creative meaning and music making, joy and curiosity through song-versations and emergent vocal improvisations.

As an exchange, we ask that you bring a plate of gluten-free (Coeliacs in the house) food to share (meat is welcome). Note, we will share the venue cost amongst those who come (around $5-10)

“We have always voiced and drummed our pain and joy. In truth, the need to express who we are is archetypal, that is, both necessary and timeless. And expressing who we are is less about describing ourselves than it is about letting who we are out in a regular rhythm that is as imperative as breathing. It is this exchange or flow of who we are-in and out-that keeps us connected to all that is living. Just as we must inhale and exhale hundreds of times a day, we must feel and express constantly” When out of balance, we suffer”…. “it is about not hiding our basic nature” …..”Essentially, the life of expression is the ongoing journey of how we heal each other. And so, the importance of storytelling, for by telling our stories and listening to the stories of others, we let out who we are and find ourselves in each other, and find that we are more together than alone”
(Mark Nepo,The Exquisite Risk page 121)

There will be vocal play, somatic experiences and curiousity-fuelled inquiry. Song-versations may emerge from sharing our moments of experiencing, feeling, imagination and stories through dialogue and responding to each other. The process is collaborative and deeply nourishing. In The Musical Body, you can be a shower-singer, ‘non singer’, or a professional musician and find your groove, flow, learnings and experience the deep pleasure inherent in collaborative vocal play and creation.

After extensive studies with Rhiannon (WeBe3 and collegue/playmate of Bobby McFerrin) Circle Singing and Vocal River exercises, and 13 years studying and developing an approach to co-creative song making and creative process exploration- Charlotte and The Musical Body community warmly welcome you to a big-shared singing session, and pot luck.
The Musical Body is somewhere to create musical alchemy one sound, breath- step at a time, developing precense, and exploring the many nuances of vocal improvisation and story singing. It allows for the rhythm of breath, and the listening that is present in our true nature, our playful, responsive and musical hearts, which take flight through song. This is a singing circle where you can foster courage, connection, collaborative creativity and community and where there is an opporutunity to explore your intentions and develop more flow in your life.

The Musical Body classes are held at The Community Church of St Marks, Clifton Hill. Please aim to arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled start so you can settle in, roll around, use bathroom etc. for a 7pm start.
Contact Charlotte with any questions
As an exchange, we ask that you bring a plate of gluten-free (Coeliacs in the house) food to share and *note that meat is welcome.

And to join Charlotte’s mailing list or read more go to her website: www.charlotteroberts.com.au
or facebook.com/charlotterobertsmusic

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