• Date: Beginning 15th February- ongoing throughout 2017
  • Venue: Clifton Hill
  • Location

The Musical Body weekly classes 2017

The Musical Body 2017
Cultivating vitality through improvised Singing
Improvised Singing. Life. Exploration. Creativity.

4 week Song-versations series 2017
During these series, we will cultivate play, wellbeing, responsiveness, spontaneity, vitality, co-creative meaning and music making, joy and curiosity through song-versations. These song-versations emerge from sharing our moments of experiencing, feeling, imagination and stories through dialogue and responding to each other. Creations emerge from vocal play, somatic experiences and curious inquiries. These sharings and responses then guide explorations that weave the elements of body, voice, sound, story, breath and imagination into and through our musical bodies, vocal instruments and life, creating musical tapestries and an alchemy of sound, breath, deep listening, presence and courage. The process is collaborative and deeply nourishing. In The Musical Body, you can be a shower-singer, ‘non singer’, or a professional musician and experience your groove, flow, learnings, creativity, ease, deepened awareness, improved vitality and experience the deep pleasure inherent in collaborative vocal play and spontaneous musical weaving and songwriting.

Songversations Series 1 
Wednesday 15th Feb- 8th March
$200 *Earlybird of $160 if paid before 1st February

Songversations Series 2 
Wednesday 22nd March- 12th April
$200 *Earlybird of $160 if paid before 6th March

Songversations Series 3
Wednesday 26th April- 17th May
$200 *Earlybird of $160 if paid before 10th April

Classes are held at The Community Church of St Marks, Clifton Hill. Please aim to arrive fifteen minutes before class so you can settle in, roll around, use bathroom etc. for a 7pm start.

Contact Charlotte and she will send you details for bank transfer Registration is essential as they are small and intimate classes

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