This project began in May 2016 with a prayerformance vocal-art exhibition at Conduit Arts Space, Fitzroy. Over two 8 hour days Charlotte explored emergent vocal improvisation in relationship to body, voice, sound and story. She interacted with guests who visited, with a key question being ‘Do I sing, or am I sung?’ Charlotte drew inspiration from Luke Wilcox’s exhibit in Adelaide where he improvised dance, in that she focused on exploring what it is to follow her own vocal play pleasure, thread and interest, with witnesses, with scores, invitations and structures, and without also. This led to evening performances with The Musical Body students, Hilde Knottenbelt and Angela Clark. A similar prayerformance was shared in a van near Edinburgh Gardens in September 2016 as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. In 2017, this prayerformance ritual transformed into a curated night of improvised singing at Cecil Street Studios; featuring facilitators and artists of vocal improvisation from Melbourne and some guest movement/story improvisational artists. Incantations is a prayerformance meets unperformance that shares vocal improvisational artists’ unique flavours of explorations into body, voice, sound and story in an intimate setting.


Four now is an improvisational quartet who play with the relationship between movement, text and vocal music. It is a collaboration between Ingrid Baring (dance artist/writer/spoken word), Hilde Knottenbelt (improvised singing/spoken word), Rosie Fayman (physical theatre/spoken word) and Charlotte Roberts.

Aquatic Dance Meditations

Cultivating connection, flow and vitality through guided meditative movement, improvisation and body-work in warm water. Nourishing, integrating, playful and relaxing water dances. Drawing from Waterdance, Watsu, Aqua-Body-Works, Body-mind Centring, Qigong, Meditation, Tamalpa Life-Art Process, and The Musical Body- work.

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Water Dance Melbourne

Songs in Time
A prayerformance exploring emergent vocal improvisations, with the invitation for audience members to offer images or moments of experiencing which Charlotte weaves into song spontaneously; solo, or in collaboration with other musicians,audience, loop pedal and/or instruments.
Sing Your Prayers
 A 40 day online program that supports the coming home to source, singing, co-creating and exploring voice in life and art. And a workshop where we are sung, and cultivate our intentions and wishes through improvised musical medicine in response to moments of experiencing.
Singing Circles Melbourne and The Lalalulu Ensemble

Free-Voice Sing and Singing Circles Melbourne began in 2013; offering various Singing Circles such as a weekly free Singing Circle in Federation Square, and Circles at FRL, local vocal festivals and events around  Melbourne and Macedon Ranges.


The Lalalulu ensemble is comprised of novice and experienced improvisational singers who improvise emergent music and songs in relationship to moments of experiencing. Performances include; at Boite Singers Festival 2015, as co-created gifts for people in the community, and in Melbourne CBD.

PlanetSOL The Ritual

(Since 2008)

Planet SOL The Ritual, has been a prayerformance for groups of people, exploring

co-creation, singing and play; through an engaging interactive workshop meets welcoming home ritual with the friendly people of PlanetSOL.

“Gave me the ability to truly feel the connection between the mind / body / soul…and the empowering confidence that comes from being vulnerable and allowing myself to feel uncomfortable for a moment, to test myself and step outside of what I know. A peaceful joyous connection to my inner child” Tasha Lee, WYI PEP program 2011.