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A GIFT for you in warm water…

I have made Aquatic Bodywork half price until the end of the year, ($60 per session) but if you email me at with three things you would like to explore in relationship to the water and or movement, play or your body, I will give (up to five) of you a free session at Albert Park MSAC in exchange for a Facebook review and or short iPhone testimonial. (You must already be a member of my mailing list!)

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”
― Jim Morrison

I just finished forty days of singing/chanting the Ganesh Maha Mantra – Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha mantra- which brought up deep questions and reflections on stability, grounding, what I want to plant and birth into my life.

One of my teachers Alice Cummins has often said ‘To find your lightness, you must first find your weight’.
This week, I have been moving house, I have been chatting to local (Brunswick East) studios where I can offer more classes, and asking myself the question, “Is this the deepest most stabilising supportive path for me right now?” in all aspects of my life, art and work. This is on the same wave on which I make steps to develop a business that comes from my heart, and incorporates The Musical Body, Creative Laboratory, Creative Qigong, Aquatic Bodywork and Vocal Improvisational-collaborative performances.

My dream is have a thriving, vital, healthy and abundant work/art/life balance- with the option to tour and make a living offering these things in Australia, and internationally.

I formed some beliefs as a young girl, which equated freedom with chaos, freedom with instability and freedom with the unknown- now, each of these things is most certainly present in the experience of freedom, but what has come to my attention is that, I have feared the support structures, the disciplines and the commitments that allow an even deeper freedom, one that is not reduced to an adrenalin rush and a hard come down, one that is longer lasting, authentic, true, and deeply connecting of me with my spirit-path and the community who I serve.

A kernel of gold I seem to have learnt over and over over the years….is that in order to have true freedom, we need deep yielding and stability.

So, to grow branches with leaves that can reach the global audience I would like to reach, I need strong and well watered roots, and to embrace the unknown with eyes closed and heart ready and responsive, I must first connect to the weight and flow of the water the swims through my veins.

Each of these are explored in the modalities I have learned, developed and am teaching, and now, I am recognising where I need to re-vegitate my banks, so to speak! So watch this space for more consistency in classes, more weekly events, and more ongoing opportunities to get involved in classes, or connect with the PlanetSOL community.

What does all this mean to you I wonder?

I am excited that The Musical Body and a performance are coming to Seven Sisters Festival next year…

Along with this exciting news…within the next two months, I will have tripled the amount of classes I am offering since this time last year: Creative Qigong, Creative Laboratories, Aquatic Bodywork, The Musical Body, Day long workshops, some free Qigong walks and Circle singing pot lucks, Morning Singing sessions, to name a few, or a bunch that are likely to emerge by October.

Please share with me your thoughts and get in touch if you like-

With warmth

Charlotte xo

“Freedom lies in being bold.”

― Robert Frost

FourNow at our second ever gig as featured performers at Incinerator Gallery, West Melbourne’s SpeakUP event…

Feedback went something like this:
“I thought you’d be performing together for at least four years, you were four powerful skilled individuals- working also powerfully as a quartet!” (Lovely man we met at the end, forgot your name)

“I could stay in that, watching that, for all time” (Michelle Davrowski Aka MC Fembot)

“Thats the best opening act we have had in the eleven Speak up events, ever, the way you tapped into intuition, like the theme, I knew it was going to be amazing, I could have watched that all night, I think you could open any event, then riff off the other performers, and end the night, hip hop night- theyd love that!” (Jacky T, Mc)

“Come to Apollo bay and perform for us!” (Susie, Jessie’s mum)

“That was amazing, … (Speechless). Wow”,,,, *smiles and body language of appreciation” (Jessie Giles, curator of the night)

Three exciting offerings coming up!!!!

“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.”
― Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes

Check out

FourNow’s latest gig photos

The Musical Body upcoming Sunday day long workshops and special guests on Wednesday evenings

My latest classes of Creative Qigong at Ceres and Abbotsford

And please share these with people you think would be interested!!

With warmth

“Charlotte’s sensitivity and ability to enable connections through music was truly amazing and inspirational”
Ruth Harbinson-Gresham, Welcome to Australia Volunteer