The Musical Body


The Musical Body is exploring vitality through emergent vocal improvisations. We cultivate play, wellbeing, responsiveness, spontaneity, co-creative meaning and music making, joy and curiosity through story-songs, collaborative play and song-versations. These song-versations and story songs emerge from sharing our moments of experiencing, feeling, imagination and stories through dialogue and responding to each other. The sharing and responses then guide explorations that weave the elements of body, voice, sound, story, breath and imagination into and through our musical bodies and life. The process is collaborative and deeply nourishing. In The Musical Body, you can be a shower-singer, ‘non singer’, or a professional musician and find your groove, flow, learnings and experience the deep pleasure inherent in collaborative vocal play and creation.

Sometimes, we explore the potential of improvised voice with professional Jazz musicians, dancers and in relationship to ancient spiritual traditions such as Nada Yoga. The Musical Body is somewhere to create musical alchemy one sound, breath- step at a time, developing presence, and exploring the many nuances of vocal improvisation and story singing. It is an opportunity for life through our true nature-play-in the form of improvised singing. It allows for the rhythm of breath, and the listening that is present in our true nature, our playful, responsive and musical hearts, which take flight through song. This is a program where you can foster courage, connection, collaborative creativity and community and where there is an opportunity to explore your intentions and develop more flow in your life.

Drop in class at Community Church of St Marks, Clifton Hill
Registration essential:
Contact Charlotte and she will send you bank details to transfer before class.

More information can be found at The Musical Body Facebook Page

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