The Musical Body

The Musical Body
Explore. Sing. Connect.
Cultivating vitality through improvised singing.
Presence + song + collaborative story-songs + play =  A community enlivened through voice.
Dancing voices and singing bodies exploring the art of their improvisational vocal instruments with others.
Awakening and enlivening your musical body through improvised singing.
A delicious opportunity to explore the connections between body, voice, sound, breath, story, movement and music.
Re-igniting the spirit of play through an emergent and responsive class, singing circles, workshops, one on one sessions or play-shops.
Nourish your body-voice; unleashing your unique expression and engaging in sustained playfulness collaboratively.

The Musical Body, since 2003, has been a part of youth and adult leadership and personal development programs, retreats, festivals, Asylum seeker support programs, school programs, inter-cultural programs, camps, performances, teacher training programs, professional development programs, retreats, music training programs, elderly persons programs and in facilitating improvised community music rituals to celebrate life and death.

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I’ve never thought of myself as someone who can sing…but these beautiful classes tap into something deeper than repetition of someone else’s music, they help you access your own expression. Delightfully fun, deeply touching and highly recommended even if you don’t know where your vocal chords are.

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Charlotte Roberts is the originator of The Musical Body (Cultivating vitality through improvised singing)
and has been evolving this process since 2003, whilst elements of what is now present in the work began developing as early as 1991 when Charlotte first began visiting her local park as a six year old, writing songs with the birds, and then giving them as gifts to her family. In crafting The Musical Body play-shops and classes she integrates elements from a number of traditions including The Tamalpa Life/Art Process, song-writing from life-experiences and song-gift giving (developed in her childhood), experiential education principles, Creative Voice, body based therapies, Vocal River exercises, A’ cappella (unaccompanied singing), jamming, Circle Singing and somatic modalities such as Qigong and Body Mind Centring.

The Musical Body has it’s own space on the internet. Check out the website.

Read more of Charlottes history here

Charlotte has been a Facilitator of collaborative creative processes since 2001 nationally and internationally and this has emerged as an ongoing inquiry and exploration of the connections between life-voice-body-sound-imagination and coming home. The Musical Body has taken many forms over that time; from improvisational en-masse choirs, vocal play, song writing and jamming explorations at youth camps and with teachers of music, Melbourne Singing Circles in Federation Square, The Lalalulu Ensemble, music teaching in schools, and since 2013- as a regular class for adults in Melbourne. The Musical Body has collaborated with varying populations- including youth (Discovery For Teens, schools across Victoria and YMCA camps), adults (World Youth International Personal Empowerment Program), special needs groups (Mildura and Southern Specialist Schools), Asylum seeker families (Edmund Rice Harmony Camp) and at various festivals (FRL, Woodend Children’s Festival and The Village Festival) with a dedicated interest in story singing from moments of experience in our lives, meditative sound exploration and community building through song, and expressing our aliveness through singing, playing and co-creating.