What is the Musical Body?

The Musical Body explores the spaces between life and music and cultivates vitality through improvised singing. Through a multi-faceted and responsive process; The Musical Body is a space to investigate life through your creative-expressive voice. The Musical Body takes place in weekly classes, weekend workshops, residentials, private sessions along with organisations and community groups and events.

Developing The Musical Body since around 1991, Charlotte is the creator and facilitator of this process; leading a considerable number and variety of groups of people since around 2001 in explorations of the relationships between life, body, voice, sound, silence, breath, movement, spoken word, music, story-singing and imagination.

Based between Moreland and The Macedon Ranges; Charlotte offers private and group The Musical Body sessions, is head of music at Gisborne Montessori School and apprentice in hobby-farm and conservation work. Charlotte is skilled in assisting others to develop their vocal improvisational skills, musicality, confidence, courage and creativity.


You may be an artist, musician, painter, visual artist, dancer, mover, writer, community worker, mother, father, therapist, teacher, or car/shower singer. You may want to create social change, connect to feelings, people and place.

In The Musical body we explore the relationships between life and music through conversation, somatic practices, voice exploration, instrumental play, responses, body, breath, silence, sound, stories and imagination, and collaboration.

Charlotte provides “structure, ease and flexibility and is deeply responsive as we enter via the body and voice work into a thrilling space.” (Lindy F)

“Every workshop is different. Every workshop is nourishing.” (Wendy C)

“Playful, ecstatic, inclusive.” William Thompson

Coming up in 2018…

4 week series in Croxten and Coburg North Thursday nights, One-off Introduction classes on a Thursday night, Retreats in the MacedonRanges and one day workshops.

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Expect the beauty of organic unexpected when working with Charlotte. She holds the creative, improvised space with sensitivity, joy and care whilst gently easing your natural voice instincts into a state of warm radiance. Charlotte’s natural ability to invite, gather and include peoples is soul enriching; you feel earthed and light at the same time. I have witnessed Charlotte create with everyone from babies to wise folk and everything in between… age is no barrier – everyone has a voice… An empowered rich experience that alters your world for the better. Knowing and working with Charlotte has allowed me to grow and deepen my personal connection with not just my music but myself as a human. 10 out of 10 would recommend Charlotte to get your creative juices flowing

Caitlin Brown

Deep, nurturing and playful space for everyone to find their voice…Working with a group to find flow together, safely challenging yourself to unleash more joy.

Kiri Bear

I was inspired, guided and encouraged by Charlotte to express myself in a way I didn’t know I could.

Jill Sullivan

Charlotte’s work is essential for the beginner through to the professional musician…..it  has equipped me with tools around presence, belief and healing through my music.

Liana Pearl

Delightfully fun, deeply touching and highly recommended.

Bec Apost

I felt nourished, re-connected to my intuitive sound, playful and energised!

Lindzee Stillwell

I was mesmerised by Charlotte’s skill; deeply tuning into the participants feelings, in the moment, openly facilitating communication through voice and movement and taking the time to reflect on what it all means. It was also incredibly vocally challenging which was great, and Charlotte is an incredible singer/improviser. Charlotte has a gift with this and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore vocal/movement expression and improvisation.

Nina Vincent

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Go direct to The Musical Body website for details on courses and workshops.
I’ve never thought of myself as someone who can sing…but these beautiful classes tap into something deeper than repetition of someone else’s music, they help you access your own expression. Delightfully fun, deeply touching and highly recommended even if you don’t know where your vocal chords are. Bec Apost

Musical Body Participant


Charlotte Roberts is the originator of The Musical Body (Cultivating vitality through improvised singing)
and has been evolving this process since 1991, and teaching actively in the community since 2003. Charlotte first began visiting her local park and farm as a small child; writing songs with the birds, and then giving them as gifts to her family. According to her journal, she knew at 10 years old she wanted to facilitate groups, where people could “make up songs together, make silly sounds….. cry whenever they need to and dance how they want and feel happy… eat enough food and be healthy…”. Her grandad, Anthony Rogers, was a big advocate for her vision: actively listening and contributing motivational quotes as she dreamed big. In crafting The Musical Body workshops, trainings, retreats, circles, play-shops and classes, Charlotte has integrated a number of traditions and experiences: beginning with observations and the experience of being a child/children at-play with movement, silence, nature and sound, song-writing from life-experiences, jamming, story-singing and song-gift giving (developed in her childhood), A’ cappella (unaccompanied singing) and world music; which she studied intensely throughout childhood with the Australian Girls Choir, experiential education and group-work facilitation principles (Bachelor degree in Outdoor Education and Primary Education and community development work since 1999 nationally and internationally), body based therapies including dance-therapy, WaterDance and body-work modalities, The Tamalpa Life/Art Process, somatic modalities such as Feldenkrais, Qigong and Body Mind Centring, And other vocal improvisational practices such as Creative Voice, Vocal River exercises and Circle Singing.

The Musical Body has it’s own space on the internet. Check out the website.